The Power to Rewire

Solid mission. Focused leadership. Talented team. So why haven’t you gotten to where you want to be yet? What’s missing?


One of the main roles of leadership is to bridge the gap between the mission and the people. But leaders often become isolated from an organization’s longer-term goals. However, we believe leaders have the power to rewire processes, both the thought process at an individual level and the workflows across the teams within the company.


At MayCoach & Co. (MCC), we reconnect your leadership to the defining and fundamental values of your company, and teach you to ignite that same passion in your teams.


We combine academic research with boundary-pushing exercises to shake up your group dynamics. In addition to deep cultural research that will teach you more about who you are as a company, we’ll also help your people rediscover their joy in working. This kind of holistic leadership training allows us to create electric cultures that are passionate about innovation, learning and exceptional performance.


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